DNS Works

When you create an EC2 instance, Amazon assigns a so-called public DNS to it that gets you to your new instance via browser or ssh client or whatever. It is not exactly memorable, looking something like ec2-54-123-45-67.compute-1.amazonaws.com. With just a few minutes of effort, though, you can set your own domain name to point to the new instance.

The first step is to create an "elastic ip address" in the EC2 management console (look for the link in the left sidebar). This gives you a unique numeric ip address to use.

Next, once you have that new ip address, you need to link it to the appropriate EC2 instance. Once that is done, the ip address is "live" which you can test in your browser.

Finally, use this newly created numeric ip address to set up a new "A" record in your DNS system. It will take a short time to propogate, though this seems to be measured in seconds now as opposed to the hours of only a few years ago. Your new instance should now be accessible via your own domain name.