Adding modules and themes with drush

Adding new modules couldn't be easier with drush.

List modules on site

First, let's see what modules are loaded on our site:

cd [site document root]
drush pml


Backup and Upgrade with drush

One of the biggest features of drush is the ease of doing site upgrades. With security updates coming every few days, automating the process is essential.

As always, you need to cd to the site's document root folder.


Creating an archive of the site is the first step. The simplest approach is:

sudo drush archive-dump

which puts a tgz of both the document root and a sql dump into ~/drush-backups.


drush - Drupal's command line utility

While I have noticed numerous references to Drupal's command-line shell, I never, until tonight, took the time to investigate it.

A good starting point is "A Beginner's Guide To Drush: The Drupal Shell". This gives a quick introduction to several useful commands, including Status, Download (DL) and Enable (EN).

drush.org's site (http://drush.ws/) lists and details all the commands and parameters.

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