CKEditor and IMCE Modules


I enabled CKEditor and IMCE using drush. CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor and IMCE integrates in-line images into CKEditor. The image at right was uploaded using the pictures button in the toolbar above which also generated the 180x180 thumb.

It seems to be an align right and test is flowing around it in the editor.


drush - Drupal's command line utility

While I have noticed numerous references to Drupal's command-line shell, I never, until tonight, took the time to investigate it.

A good starting point is "A Beginner's Guide To Drush: The Drupal Shell". This gives a quick introduction to several useful commands, including Status, Download (DL) and Enable (EN).

drush.org's site (http://drush.ws/) lists and details all the commands and parameters.

Clean URLs

After doing a major upgrade of ubuntu, I was no longer able to log into my drupal site. Did major hair-pulling, but finally stumbled on the issue (and cure) here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8125299/moved-drupal-7-site-to-a-diff... (all the way at the bottom).

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